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Impact Evaluations of IDB Loans/Technical Cooperations

2011: “Support for the Social Protection Program in the Dominican Republic”

2012: “Evaluating the benefits and costs of alternative ICT uses in education in Costa Rica”

2013: “Building and Equipping of Education Infrastructure in Costa Rica”

2016: “Primary Health Care Program For Managing Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases in Argentina”

2016: “Strengthening of Basic Literacy and Mathematics Competencies in Colombia”

2017: “Classmates, Resources, and the Market of Teachers: Lessons from Latin America and South Korea”

Project Websites
Comments to Research Proposals and Papers

“Structure and Composition Of Firms’ Balance Sheets” [Presentation]

“Evaluation of Colombian 2012 tax reform” [Presentation]

“Cost of Crime amongst the Rich and Poor: Hard Evidence on Victims’ Feelings” [Presentation]

“Cities Drifting Apart” [Presentation]

“The Effects of Maternity leave on Children’s Abilites.” [Presentation]

“Language Instruction and Student’s Learning” [Presentation]

“Local growth and aggregate growth in Brazil" [Presentation]

Review of IDB Research Grants

“Engaging Men in Fatherhood, Caregiving, Health and Violence Prevention” (GDI)

“Aprendices en el siglo XXI: ¿Un modelo a tomar en cuenta?” (LMK)

“Formación de habilidades: una mirada al interior de la empresa” (LMK)

“Interrupting Trajectories of Youth Violence” (SCL)

“Innovation Policy and Entrepreneurship: Current Programs in LAC” (CTI)

“Enhancing Female Labor Market Opportunities” (GDI)

“Impact Evaluation of Cluster Development Policies” (CTI)

“Designing unemployment protection systems in high informality countries” (LMK)

“Evaluación Experimental del Programa Hogares Comunitarios – Guatemala” (EDU-SPH)

“Obteniendo Buenos Empleos - Mejorando los Servicios de Intermediación Laboral” (LMK)

“Cerrando la brecha de habilidades entre oferta y demanda laboral” (LMK)

 “Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) And Societal Empowerment in LAC” (RES)

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