Working Papers

“Remedial Education: Evidence from a Sequence of Experiments in Colombiaa” with Samuel Berlinski and Horacio Alvarez Marinelli  [PaperRevise and Resubmit


“When Good Peers Can Hurt: Gendered Effects of High Achievers on Educational Outcomes” with Veronica Frisancho. [Paper coming soon]. Revise and Resubmit

“The Challenge of Protecting Informal Households during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Latin America” with Juanita Camacho, Julian Messina, and Guadalupe Montenegro. [Paper]. Under Review

“Reducing parent-school information gaps and improving school outcomes: Evidence from high frequency text messaging in Chile”. with Samuel Berlinski, Taryn Dinkelman and Claudia Martinez.  [Paper]. Under Review

“On the Demand for Telemedicine: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic", with Maria P. Gonzalez and Carlos Scartascini. Under Review.

“Labor Market Adjustments to Import Competition: Long-run Evidence from Establishment Data” with Juan Blyde and Dario Romero [Paper]. Under Review

“Unbundling Returns to Skills: Evidence from Postsecondary Education in Colombia” with Juan Sebastian Muñoz [Paper]

“Civil Service Reform and Self-Selection into Teaching: Experimental Evidence from an Information Intervention” with Mariana Alfonso, Hugo Ñopo and Triana Yentzen  [Paper]

“Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Ability Grouping in Mexico” with Veronica Frisancho. Soon

“Skills, Informality and the Size Distribution of Firms”, with Andy Neumeyer and Mariano Spector. Soon.

Other Studies

“Firm dynamics and misallocation: Evidence from Mexico”, with Santiago Levy 

    [Abstract] [Working Paper]

“The market for teachers in Colombia”, with Juan Sebastian Muñoz