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Working Papers

1. “Unbundling Returns to Skills: Evidence from Postsecondary Education in Colombia” with Sebastian Montaño and Juan Sebastian Muñoz [PaperRevise and resubmit

2. "The Unintended Consequences of Merit-based Teacher Selection: Evidence from Large-scale Reform in Colombia", with Sebastian Montaño, Juan S. Muñoz-Morales, and Nolan Pope. Revise and resubmit

3. "Long-term effects of weather-induced migration on urban labor and housing markets", with Juan Pablo Chauvin. Revise and resubmit


4. "Signaling Specific Skills and the Labor Market of College Graduates", with Sebastian Montaño and Juan S. Muñoz-Morales. Submitted.

5. “Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Ability Grouping in Mexico” with Veronica Frisancho. Submitted.

6. "Preferences for Redistribution in Latin America", with Ana Maria Ibañez, Julian Messina, and Juliana Quigua.

7. "Corruption Perceptions and Preferences for Redistribution: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Latin America", with Ana Maria Ibañez and Julian Messina 

8. “Civil Service Reform and Self-Selection into Teaching: Experimental Evidence from an Information Intervention” with Mariana Alfonso, Hugo Ñopo and Triana Yentzen  [Paper]

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