Working Papers

“Unbundling Returns to Skills: Evidence from Postsecondary Education in Colombia” with Juan Sebastian Muñoz [Abstract] [Paper Coming Soon] Submitted


“Reducing parent-school information gaps and improving school outcomes: Evidence from high frequency text messaging in Chile”. with Samuel Berlinski, Taryn Dinkelman and Claudia Martinez

"(In)Formal and (Un)Productive: The Productivity Costs of Excessive Informality in Mexico" with Victoria Fazio and Santiago Levy. Under Review. [Working Paper]

“Skills, Informality and the Size Distribution of Firms”, with Andy Neumeyer and Mariano Spector 

[Abstract]  [Paper Coming Soon] [Presentation]

“The Impact of Chinese Competition on Mexican Labor Outcomes” with Juan Blyde, Valeria Faggioni and Dario Romero

[Abstract]  [Paper Coming Soon]

“Remedial Reading in Small Group Tutorials: Short and Medium Run Effects of Three Experiments in Colombia” with Samuel Berlinski and Horacio Alvarez Marinelli  [Abstract]

"Adapting to Climate Change: Long-Term Effects of Drought on Local Labor Markets", with Paulo Bastos and Sebastian Miller. Under Review. [Working Paper] [Presentation]

Field Experiments 

“Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Ability Grouping in Mexico” with Veronica Frisancho [Abstract]

“Teacher’s career choice: wages, incentives, and selection in Peru” with Mariana Alfonso and Hugo Ñopo 

Other Studies

“Firm dynamics and misallocation: Evidence from Mexico”, with Santiago Levy 

    [Abstract] [Working Paper]

“The market for teachers in Colombia”, with Juan Sebastian Muñoz