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Working Papers

1. "Improving Early Literacy through Teacher Professional Development: Experimental Evidence from Colombia", with Horacio Alvarez, Samuel Berlinski, and Julian Martinez-Correa. Revised and resubmitted.

2. "The Unintended Consequences of Merit-based Teacher Selection: Evidence from Large-scale Reform in Colombia", with Sebastian Montaño, Juan S. Muñoz-Morales, and Nolan Pope. Revise and resubmit

3. "The Effectiveness of Managerial Skills Training Programs: A Meta-Analytic Review", with Kyunglin Park and Nicolás Irazoque. Submitted.

4. "Signaling Specific Skills and the Labor Market of College Graduates", with Sebastian Montaño and Juan S. Muñoz-Morales. Submitted.

5. “Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Ability Grouping in Mexico” with Veronica Frisancho. Submitted.

6. "Long-term effects of weather-induced migration on urban labor and housing markets", with Juan Pablo Chauvin. Submitted

7. “Unbundling Returns to Skills: Evidence from Postsecondary Education in Colombia” with Sebastian Montaño and Juan Sebastian Muñoz [Paper]

8. "Preferences for Redistribution in Latin America", with Ana Maria Ibañez, Julian Messina, and Juliana Quigua.

9. "Corruption Perceptions and Preferences for Redistribution: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Latin America", with Ana Maria Ibañez and Julian Messina 

10. “Civil Service Reform and Self-Selection into Teaching: Experimental Evidence from an Information Intervention” with Mariana Alfonso, Hugo Ñopo and Triana Yentzen  [Paper]

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