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Working Papers

“Reducing parent-school information gaps and improving school outcomes: Evidence from high frequency text messaging in Chile”. with Samuel Berlinski, Taryn Dinkelman and Claudia Martinez.  [Paper]. Revise and resubmit

"Helping Struggling Students and Benefiting All: Peer Effects in Primary Education", with Samuel Berlinski and Michele Giannola. Submitted.

“Labor Market Adjustments to Import Competition: Long-run Evidence from Establishment Data” with Juan Blyde and Dario Romero [Paper].

“Unbundling Returns to Skills: Evidence from Postsecondary Education in Colombia” with Juan Sebastian Muñoz [Paper]

“Civil Service Reform and Self-Selection into Teaching: Experimental Evidence from an Information Intervention” with Mariana Alfonso, Hugo Ñopo and Triana Yentzen  [Paper]

“Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Ability Grouping in Mexico” with Veronica Frisancho.

“Skills, Informality and the Size Distribution of Firms”, with Andy Neumeyer and Mariano Spector.

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